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Silver-paper chicken, a healthy update of a fried dim sum dish, is made by marinating chicken in five spices and then grilling it in aluminum foil.

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Steven also shows off two international dishes: piri-piri chicken from Portugal and grilled game hens with a marinade he learned from a grill master in Afghanistan. Steven demonstrates six recipes that use a variety of skewering techniques toothpicks, double skewers, sugarcanes and talks about the wide array of skewers and kebabs available on the market today. Highlights include sweet and salty bacon-grilled prunes, authentic shish kebab, and an elegant recipe for grilled quail from Greece. Grilled pizza plus four bread-based recipes: naan, a hand-stretched Indian specialty; quesadillas; real bruschetta; and Spanish pan con tomate.

Where there's smoke, there's flavor, and many pitmasters consider smoking the only "true" way to barbecue.

Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese

Steven explains the slight differences between smoking in a smoker, a kettle, and a gas grill; the differences between chunks and chips as fuel; and the effect of the variety of wood used on the flavor of the finished dish. Recipes range from simple smoked brats to Memphis-style pork ribs. Steven showcases seafood recipes from around the globe: planked salmon, a slow-roasted dish popular in the Pacific Northwest; prawns with a spicy, yogurt-based tandoori marinade; a coconut milk-based recipe for tuna steaks from Brazil; and a French-inspired sauce vierge over thick and juicy grilled swordfish steaks.

Steven cooks a whole meal on a pair of grills. An around-the-world tour of ways to cook steak: a Cuban recipe for thin steaks grilled with adobo, a garlic-lime marinade; Mexico's fiery "steak from Hell," which features a fire-roasted salsa served over a perfectly grilled T-bone; and, from Vietnam, grilled strips of sirloin served with fresh herbs and a spicy sauce in lettuce bundles. Steven goes "whole hog" with creations ranging from bratwurst with grilled bell peppers to an pound Cuban Christmas Eve ham called lechon asado, which emerges from the grill a beautifully burnished golden brown after eight hours of slow cooking.

He also demonstrates a classic Tuscan take on one of America's favorite parts of the pig: a spit-roasted, rosemary-grilled pork loin. How to grill almost any sort of shellfish, from mussels to scallops to lobsters. Recipes include bacon-grilled shrimp, scallops on rosemary skewers, grilled lobster basted with basil butter, and garlic-grilled mussels and clams cooked on a nifty piece of equipment known as a "Great Grate.

Five great ways to grill chicken: indirectly grilled with garlic and lemon; on a rotisserie; spatchcocked, in which the backbone is removed so the bird grills flat like a book; Tuscan-style, under a brick; and classic American barbecued. Focuses on healthy grilling and how to achieve it on everything from a tiny hibachi to a six-burner, stainless steel "supergrill.

A world tour of beef, including an English prime rib complete with grilled Yorkshire pudding, ribs Argentina-style, and a Nicaraguan churrasco grilled beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce. The grand finale is an American favorite: a whole, smoked, fork-tender Texas brisket. Recipes for North Carolina pulled pork shoulder with vinegar sauce, mojo -marinated pork tenderloin, smoked and brined pork porterhouse, and a spectacular whole pit-roasted hog. Five fail-proof techniques for grilling seafood: cedar-planked fillet of salmon, halibut in a basket, grilled tuna London broil, salmon steaks with mustard glaze, and trout grilled in a special fish basket over charcoal.

Steven's variations on meat-on-a-stick, the world's most popular form of barbecue, include shrimp grilled on sugar cane, chicken sate, Turkish shish kebab, grilled asparagus and garlic, and cinnamon-grilled peaches for dessert. After a primer on all the cuts of steak, he prepares New York strip steak with tarragon butter, Florentine steak, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, dirty steak cooked directly on the embers , and a bible-thick rib steak served with red wine sauce.

A celebration of the barbecued rib: sweet and sticky Kansas City-style spareribs, spicy Memphis dry-rubbed baby backs, Jamaican jerk baby backs, plate-burying dinosaur ribs beef ribs , and top loin pork ribs spit-roasted on a rotisserie. An entire episode devoted to the art of smoking, using gas and charcoal grills as well as smokers. Recipes include smoked tomato gazpacho; a money-saving, home-smoked salmon; a chopped, smoked eggplant dip aka baba ganoosh ; and smoke-roasted pears for dessert.

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Show the current schedule for Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen. The Best of the Breast TV-G Tarragon chicken paillards from the boisterous Manhattan bistro Balthazar, plus turkey breast given a triple dose of maple flavor with a sugar rub, a syrup glaze, and a long slow smoke over maple wood. On the Lamb TV-G Lamb on the rod with mini sweet peppers, plus lamb chops and lamb steaks served with a parsley onion relish and a tangy feta cheese sauce. Tailgate Warriors TV-G Grilled polenta with Italian sausage and peppers, flame-grilled prosciutto panini, and Calgary wings with zippy Maytag bleu cheese sauce.

Extreme Grilling TV-G Steven adds some theatrics to a barbecue session with butter and herb spit-roasted turkey; flaming hot-pepper kebabs; grilled, dilled, and chilled eggplant dip; and ember-roasted sweet corn grilled in the husk. Grilling with Wood TV-G Steven offers advice on selecting woods and matching them to your menu, building the perfect fire, and coaxing the maximum flavor out of your grill.

Louisiana Tribute TV-G A tribute to Louisiana's rich culinary traditions features grill-top shrimp "boil" jazzed up with grilled bratwurst; Big Easy barbecued turkey injected with a spice-scented marinade; and Cajun tuna piperade with tomato, spicy andouille sausage, and sushi-grade tuna steaks. High on the Hog TV-G Coffee-crusted pork tenderloins with redeye barbecue sauce, spit-roasted coconut-crusted ribs, and grilled tropical fruit kebabs. Meatless Grilling TV-G Flame-seared portobello mushrooms topped with cheese, the vegetarian equivalent of a cheeseburger; ginger-studded grilled tofu; and a smoky, revamped version of an American classic: macaroni and cheese with fire-roasted onions.

Fire and Water TV-G Steven shares favorite strategies for cooking fish while preparing cedar-planked salmon; grilled tuna with a gutsy fire-charred tomato chipotle salsa, seared directly over a mesquite fire; and bacon-wrapped trout, still wet from the stream, stuffed with poblano corn relish and grilled in fish baskets over an open fire. Southern California TV-G Classics from Southern California's unusual barbecue tradition: grilled Caesar salad, charred artichokes with a Worcestershire dip, and a Santa Maria tri-tip with pinquinto beans and garlic bread.

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Without steady airflow through your cooker, you get dirty smoke and bitter meat. Actually, the real secret—this is so obvious that people forget it—is a great piece of meat, because what goes in your smoker is what comes out. Great meat, like Our Savior, forgives your mistakes. At least, also like Our Savior, the smaller ones. Then again, great pit masters—I mean somebody with smoke in their veins—can turn a so-so hunk of meat into something that makes you want to holler. Bewley that can do whole chickens at once.

No two cook the same. Most professionals rely on those cooler areas to keep smaller cuts from overcooking. And wet ash is to rust as Miracle-Gro is to tomatoes. There are a bunch, and sometimes they contradict one another. Not everything is bigger in Texas, but the colleges sure are. Looming up out of the prairie over all of it is the ,seat Kyle Field, which has a video screen larger than the lot my house sits on and acoustics that make visiting teams go deaf.

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It would make an ideal venue for the next Hunger Games. The barbecue obsessed have been known to snap them up within minutes. Now the sixty or so attendees are admitted by a lottery system. Our ringleader for the three-day weekend is Dr. Beyond our tiered auditorium in the Rosenthal Meat Center lies a complete harvesting facility—including four cavernous refrigerated rooms, three smokehouses, two cutting rooms, and a meat-packing area.

Griffin got his undergrad and graduate degrees here and has been in meat all his life. Then I find that these kids all grew up on or around farms, most of them in Texas. Texas AM professor Davey Griffin gives camp attendees a lesson on the finer points of meat. Then there are the competition cooks looking to pick up a trick or two, guys in the business continuing their educations, and others considering starting a store. This is a group where the confession that you have six Big Green Eggs in your backyard is as scandalous as owning six pairs of pants.

Some of us want answers, dammit. What you do is throw a venison roast and a can of root beer into a Crock-Pot, cook on low for eight hours, then shred it and douse it with whatever sauce is on sale. It works for me. My outdoor cooking skills were handed down by my dad and chiefly focus—like most of his instruction—on what not to do.

Propane is unnatural. You use charcoal briquettes with no lighter fluid. You cook by feel and nervously, because anything past medium-rare is a sin. Sometimes it just makes your confusion more nuanced. Take meat grading. Pork, brisket, chicken, sausage and baby-back ribs are mainstays, but side options, including macaroni salad, have followings of their own at the eatery that draws people from around the globe.

Once a well kept secret, the recipe turns out best when made from all fresh ingredients, including fresh black pepper and a good quality cheese.


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It is best, Mrs. Although the macaroni salad may be eaten cold, Linda prefers it warm, just after it is made. Mother Nature several times has swiped at The Shed that is as well known for blues performances as barbecue. Made with tender, premium pork, pig wings have been newly unveiled, she reported.

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The wings have nothing to do with flying — but have been a tasty addition to a menu that offers plates, platters, feasts and sandwiches. Mix all ingredients in large container starting with the wet ingredients then stirring in the dry. Refrigerate and let rest for a couple hours.