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Share Some Memories. Today's Must Reads. Reagan-era deregulation. Used to be that there was no consumer prescription-drug advertising and what drugs were given was driven by the hard sell and many free goodies and junkets helpful information presented at continuing-education meetings organized by the drug cos. At Black Angus So true, in fact I find the Mac dude really irritating and have nothing but sympathy for the PC guy. As to Geico, my rule of thumb "the cuter the ad, the worse the product" holds true. I roll my eyes when the kid says she doesn't like waffles.

That's just ridiculous. I think that mom is enabling an eating disorder. There is one that makes my blood pressure rise that is for some financial outfit that offers to buy you out of your "structured settlement" and pay you one big honkin' lump sum right now.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese TV Commercial, 'Not Hungry' Song by Enya -

The ad features outraged people leaming out their windows, a la "Network", and screaming, "It's my money, and I want it now! And isn't it a bit late to realize that settlement was going to be spread over a specific time period, and that you were going to get more that way than as a lump sum?

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No, pinhead; it is NOT your money until the monthly check arrives in the mail; you know, like the settlement said when you agreed to it. Scream out your window all you like, simpleton.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese TV Commercial, 'Swing'

Ah yes, the J. Wentworth ads. That faux-grandfatherly spokesman gets me, with his fake sincerity oozing through every pore and orifice. I just saw another. These piece of shit Axe ads where the loser sees all of the women in their underwear I guess he's undressing them with his eyes?

Loser squirts on the foul potion, and walks past a woman in her underwear - but now thanks to the Axe he's in his skivvies. And he's this bony anorexic looking fuck that nobody needs to see naked. To top it off, there's some 60s track playing in the background, with an out of tune piano, which also grates. Any commercial in which the children or father make a mess and the mother cheerfully cleans it up, because it gives her a chance to use her wonderful new cleaning product. I haven't gone through the whole list to see if it's been mentioned yet, but my totally worst one is the I think Planter's commercial where an abnormally think caveman ugly girl is sauntering through the street turning the heads and causing resulting accidents of ever man she passes.

And as it turns out, it's because she's used Planter's Peanuts as a perfume. Okay, I can think of a few things worse, but you get the idea. The ones that tick me off are the car commercials that show how happy your family can be if you just get them all in the vehicle to watch DVDs. Forget about actually talking to to your kids in the car, just smack a set of headphones on each little head so they're off in their own little zombie world and not bothering Mommy.

The new Wal-Mart commercial where the wife comes home with steak, but won't tell her husband that she bought it because it was super cheap and no doubt has a quality to match. Nope, she'd rather let him wonder if he forget her birthday, or anniversary, or something else important. The soul devouring emasculating cunt can't just tell him "Hey, these steaks were on sale, and I thought we'd enjoy them together," - she'd rather ruin his enjoyment of the meal by making him wonder after each fucking bite when the other shoe is going to drop.

But it's cashews - does that change your mind? Mmm, cashews Yeah, you hope it was chocolate My infuriating commercial is actually a local one. It features Mike Easley, governor of North Carolina, and his "friends" a bunch of smarmy kids telling you how you can conserve water.

The kids do various things like pop into the bathroom while Dad's shaving and yelling "Dad! Don't run the water while you're shaving!

Mac n Cheese

I was under the impression that Easley is an "animal person", given his role in the recent firing of a state trooper on animal abuse charges. Plus, all the kids are extra-irritating. Two pretty women go to a bar to pick up guys. One shows the other a bacon chalupa in her clutch purse.

It portrays men as easily lead fools, driven by lust and bacon. I'm not offended. That's what we are. Why didn't the kid just skip the shower and take a bath with Bingo? Paraphrase of commercial: The woman introduces herself and her colleague: "Hello! I've heard a lot of good things about you! I've heard you're just the right people to help me with my mid-sized company. We prefer. Point 1.

A woman who corrects her client before she has even removed her hand from his while they're shaking? Needs a kick in the ass down the stairs. Point 2. We are. Oh wait. I just forgot. On a PC you can play about 50, games. That's right, every game ever written was made for the PC. You've got, what, 12 games for the Mac? And they are all versions of games made for the PC, except they came out 5 years after they were available on the PC?

So yeah. No possible way you could have fun with a PC. Unless you want to, you know, play games. Have fun with your Photoshop, my guild needs another Medic. Bibby This doesn't bother me too much, except for one. Last night I saw a commercial for Jet Blue with the song "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO playing in the background. Don't get me wrong, I love ELO. I like "Mr. Blue Sky.

If I want to listen to "Mr. Those commercials have definitely gone from cute to annoying. That was Fudgems the Furry Turd, who I mentioned in my post on page 1. Most disgusting commercial ever. Bibby Target uses Hello Goodbye. They're both puns? Good buy All you need is Luvs? Other than the pun factor, it doesn't annoy me, since some of Target's Hello Goodbye covers are damn good.

Oh, it gets better on that one. It cracks me up every time I see it. Let me set the scene: She's on the phone with Enterprise.. Touchy much? I can't say this really makes me furious, but one thing that kind of irks me about radio ads is how many of them are directed towards the needs of "small business owners". I'm not a small business owner.

No one I know is a small business owner I think. Well, maybe one or two out of thousands of people I know. Why are so many ads directed at this extremely small group of people? I think PC gaming is becoming less and less relevant these days, thanks to consoles.

And why is it that when someone gets annoyed with the Mac side of the PC vs. Mac debate, they always bring up something as irrelevant as games? They prove this by showing an important looking piece of paper apparently taken from the Journal of Research :dubious:. Did someone have a date ruined by the commercial? Being involved in a small business, I still don't see the appeal.

It's CiCi's, darnit. That said, their ad campaign is indeed annoying. They ran ads here in Phoenix well before any locations opened, and the ads are vaguely creepy in their enticements to pig out. But I like them and go whenever I can find an excuse, so I guess it worked. How was she supposed to know what he was thinking, especially since he never ASKED her about the steaks? Was she sleeping with the narrator? There's a commercial for life insurance where the husband wakes up in the middle of the night after he had a bad dream about his children, so he decides to go check on the kids who are all sound asleep.

In the next scene he's sitting in the kitchen in the middle of the night! His wife, who got up with him rather than stay in bed, talks about the life insurance as well. Unless she's plotting to cash in on his death I watch a lot of shows on CourtTV TruTV about guys whose wives murder them for the insurance money , her more realistic response would be, "For Christ's sake, Harold, can we talk about this in the morning?!

Let's get some sleep! Not to mention the total lack of realism. In real life, it would take 5 minutes to find the DVD case, then another 5 to find the headphones. Then the three year old would cry because she wants to watch Strawberry Shortcake, while the five year old would insist on Finding Nemo. When you finally decide what to watch, you must spend yet another 5 minutes to locate the disc, insert it, have it rejected because it has mysterious goo on it, and then have to clean off the mysterious goo with spit and your t-shirt.

At long last, the DVD is on, and you can get going, at which point the children become immediately bored and start poking each other. Then the three year old will cry because she suddenly remembered she wanted to watch Strawberry Shortcake. The five year old will also cry for whatever reason she can come up with. At which point you blow a gasket and scream that if one more person whines there will be no popsicles after dinner tonight.

Shrill box women suck. Probably because the Mac ads always revolve around something equally as niche as editing home movies or creating picture slideshows to send to Grandma. I'm sure gaming is equally as popular if not more so than those "fun" Mac things. There's one on here for some kind of kitty litter. The premise is that the litter is so effective that even the cat can't find the litter box. It's a sure bet no one involved in the production of that commercial has ever lived with a cat with urinary or behavioral issues.

The absolute very last thing I want in relation to those animals is for them to have the remotest, slightest doubt in their wee little brains as to where they are supposed to urinate. There's a new one right now where it starts with a toddler making a mess and how the paper towel will fix it. I'm ok with that, toddlers make messes. But then goes to something like "if you let your husband do the dishes on his own" and then implies that she's going to have to redo the dishes after he's done It's insulting to the wife for having married and then having children with someone too stupid to clean a dish.

How is this a selling point? Are there really people who see this and think it's true to life? Aren't they then deeply ashamed of themselves? There's a Taco Bell commercial along the same line. I love this commercial! If I were still single, I'd definitely use this tactic. But in truth, both girls are drop dead gorgeous and would be attracting every unattached male in the room even if the purse contained a week old trout instead of a chalupa. All while driving down the highway at 60 mph, I trust?

That's why when the kids were younger we didn't have a DVD player in the van. If they were bored, then they bring books to read. I mean, maybe that commercial is kind of silly, or sending the wrong message, but I'm not sure at all it's because of THAT I can't stand most commercials for cleaning products, or more specifically, the ones featuring Mom running around the house spraying and wiping everything in sight with chemicals of all descriptions, protecting her kids with this vain attempt to sterilize the home to the level of a hospital operating room.

I also hated one that isn't on any more, from Mazda I think.

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To show the appeal of its entry-level car to teenagers, we got to see a carful of them zooming along, laughing and chatting with music blaring. Every time I saw it, I thought "road hazard. Some internet stock trading outfit is going all on us about how conceptually thrilling it is to push a key and actually buy stock in a real company. Rejoicing ensues. Spot B: Smirking goateed idiot at computer. Can you believe it? Shengdao Energy. In Hong Kong Am I one of the jaded digerati? Is there anyone on earth who is stupid enough to need "have a song magically appear in your iTunes" when you've heard it once in your car?

I guess it's not a terrible idea--I mean, you could obviously just google the song if you aren't sure of its name but you know ANY of the lyrics--but is it really something so special that you need to use it as a main selling point for the product? I dropped my cable TV several months ago and haven't really missed it, but I was staying with family a week ago and got my fill of TV. By the end of the week I wanted to punch this smug jerk in the teeth. I suppose they're trying to push the idea that you can trade in international stocks, heretofore something nobody cared about different story now that the dollar's tanking, I guess , but online daytrading is old, old news.

The attitude is pathetic. Are you talking about the video that recently came out showing a trooper hanging his dog off a deck by its leash and then kicking it repeatedly? If so, good on Mr. There's a commercial for the cereal Fiber One with Honey Clusters that annoys me. This customer in a supermerket starts badgering the stockboy and store manager about where the fiber is in the cereal, pointing out, among other things, that there's nothing that "looks like twigs".

I just can't help but feel that the customer has some very incorrect and outdated notions about fiber and fiber-rich foods. There's a certain high fiber cereal that does look like twigs Another automotive related one from a few years ago. It's a dark and stormy night. Mom's driving a minivan through ligtning flashes, bucket of rain, and a howling wind. Every so often she steals a worried glance at the two tykes asleep in the back seat as ominous music plays.

Then she gets a big look of relief on her face as she pulls into her driveway with the house lit up like nobody's business. What were they selling? Excuse me? Unless you're camping at The-Middle-o-Nowhere Park or something like that, you're someplace when you climb into the car -- your sister's house, the mall, a gas station.

Some place where if the battery's flat and you can't start, there are people there to make phone calls, give you a jump, or do something else so you're not stuck in a parking lot, no matter how stormy it is. Yep, that's the one. My entry for this category is a Walmart ad which in my area shows after pm. Why do I hate this ad?

First, I work 2nd shift at a Walmart superstore. I leave work after pm. I just left there. I want to forget where I work for a little while, ok? Why'd they have to mess with it? Thanks for letting me vent. Love, Phil. No, not at all.

But if you'd ever had a cat in your house that peed on things in appropriately, you'd understand. The point is that cat piss has its own special brand of perpetual stink, and for my cat to be having problems locating the litterbox is definitely not a good thing. Because some cats would piss on your DVD collection, instead. And ten years later, some of your DVDs would still smell faintly of cat piss. RE: the pantywaist fop Gecko. The one that won the awards, that people in the commercial were in awe of RE: Cover songs. The one that really gets to me is for some new-fangled birth control pill.

Oh, my poor inner 80s head-banger! I know the band was tongue-and-cheek and all, but What I find funny about this commercial is that they say something like, "Did you know that there's a pill that will keep you from turning into a werewolf just before your period? Somehow managed to catch two of these in a row recently. The PC in the self-help group and, well, don't quite know what the other one was; I think it had to do with college. The self-help group was somewhat amusing but hardly accurate.

Actually, that pill commercial infuriates me for a different reason--because the claims they're making about that pill can be made for any standard birth control pill on the market. Given that your doctor prescribes for you a pill that's the right hormonal balance for your body, they all alleviate symptoms of PMS. They all give you shorter and lighter periods. Any monophasic pill can be used to skip or extend the length of time between periods, though some are better for that purpose than others.

This one has a stupid but hip-sounding name, appears in a commercial with bad cover versions of 80's hair metal songs, and costs four-to-ten times as much out of pocket! The wife narrates the commercial in a voiceover, and the video is her buying the steaks at W-M, unpacking them at home, while the husband looks on nervously. At the end, they're sitting together eating, he takes a bite, obviously enjoying it, then takes a look at her and stops smiling, The whole voiceover is her gloating over how she KNOWS he's wondering why she bought the steaks, and what important occasion he's forgotten.

I HATE those stupid free credit report dot com commericals with that idiotic shlub singing about how much his life sucks just because he didn't check his credit report. Not because his credit's bad, mind you, but because he didn't check first. At least they quickly dropped the one where he implied he would've dumped his wife rather than marry her if he'd checked her credit report first.

That one was annoying AND tasteless. Every cybersecurity ad I've ever seen, no matter how odious it tries to make the hackers or infothieves appear, makes me sympathize with them against the corporation that purportedly needs protection from them. Its not the worst ad on the TV, but that "paying with visa versus paying by cash" ad really bugs me because of the sheer Orwellian "There are five fingers" aspect to it.

That really bugs me, as they must know that, yet are trying to convince people to the contrary anyway. Theres something really creepy about that IMO. That said you don't see those particular ads much anymore so its possible they've seen sense. Without signing up for any stupidly expensive "protection plans". My wife says that the implication is that the girls were taking naughty photos of their bits but the commerical itself just shows them photographing their faces. Maybe if they showed a girl enter a closet or something with the camera.

Anyway, as is, it just looks as though Mr. Kutcher is shocked and scandalized to see some smiling twenty-three year old chippy in his photos. Try having your 5 year old say it. At church. My daughter has memorized the song, and insists on singing it all the time. This is my latest hate. Although there are so many that I hate, this one stands out.

Now, I when I watch a commercial I don't expect to see any award winning acting or groundbreaking directing, but I do have my limits- Arby's! The commercial where the guy relays an order from his phone to the cashier, after the order he say's "I love you", presumably to who ever was on the other end of the line, but Arby's girl mistakenly thinks he is talking to her. Ha-fucking-ha, right? What really gets me though, is that the guy is suppose to be saying "I love you" on the phone, but that is kind of hard to do when the phone is closed and half way back into his pocket.

His delivery is wretched too, wooden and forced. Arby's is not exactly the cheapest of all fast food places, I think they could have afforded to do at least one more take; I refuse to believe that was the best one. That reminds me of another one. Soccer mom is driving along, every so often checking her kid in the rear view mirror.

And then, horrors! The kid has somehow undid the seatbelt and is now roaming free in the back seat! And what does mom do? She panics, and starts swerving the car around into oncoming traffic, screeching tires and brakes, until she finally, somehow manages to pull over to the side of the road and buckle li'l Timmy in more securely.

Y'know, if you notice your kid is not buckled in correctly, wouldn't it be better to, you know, not panic and crash your fucking car? Crashing your fucking car is bad, m'kay, especially if li'l Timmy isn't buckled in. If you just go "Hmmm, li'l Timmy isn't buckled in. I'll just pull over as soon as it's safe, and buckle him in, and continue on my way," then there's no reason to worry.

I think they were trying to sell brakes, or insurance, or some crap like that, but all they did is make me angry at this mom, and my anger has lasted years. Dude's more annyong that the Prograssive cashier lady. What the hell happened to the old guy? Did he die? I have to throw in a series of radio ads that have been over-saturating the local rock station recently. They're for Safelite Auto Glass, and they feature a supposed glass installer telling "true stories" of clients. Most of these involve the client minding their own business when suddenly, the "micro-cracks" in their windshield give way and cause it to shatter.

Based on this guy's explanation of "micro-cracks", my Jeep's windshield should have cracked at least a dozen times by now. I know what he's trying to describe, but I think the scare tactics are really stupid. The worst of these features the tale of a woman who had a tiny, tiny, tiny, chip in her windshield. Foolishly, she ignored it, until one day she drove over a speed bump and the windshield cracked.

That's not the worst part, though The horror! The one where the dad asks the kid to say antidisestablishmentarianism. The kid creeps me out. He is very odd looking. I think when the girls run off screen with the camera and Ashton continues to talk on his cell phone, it's meant to imply that some crazy stuff is happening. Then as he's leaving, he looks at the camera and goes "WHOA! It seems kind of on the nose to me. I haven't read the whole thread yet so maybe this was mentioned already. About a year ago there was a commercial for some sort of birth control or PMS medicine or something.

It featured a bunch of twenty-something women talking to each other about how great it is, and then instead of having the usual medical-disclaimer voiceover, one of the women simply inserts the disclaimer into their conversation. This is followed by another one of them saying "Wow, you really know your stuff! Another pet peeve of mine: when the whole commercial is based on a logical fallacy.

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Clumsy (Fergie song)

Example: "Ten years ago, few believed a simple capsule could make a man larger. Answer: Yes, because many people are gullible idiots. Gullible idiots with small penises, apparently. I can't remember which is which. I always thought it was about suicide. I've always heard heroin addiction too, but how you get heroin from those lyrics has me completely baffled. While reviewing this thread, chuckling at the various stories of awful commercials, I happened to look up at the TV to see a new commercial. I don't know what they were selling since I only saw the last few seconds of it, no clue at all, and I sincerely hope they re-run it soon so I know what to avoid purchasing.

All I know is that a creepy man with a giant head and unsettling grin was wiping his ass with a towel while standing on a pile of cash. Additionally, I recently had the pleasure of seeing the Mentos commercial discussed upthread. What the damn hell were those people thinking? She walked over and She drank? Because it's so mouthwatering, and What twisted moron came up with this? What improperly socialized fool considered this as an appropriate way to Trying to make sense of why anyone would consider shotgunning saliva a decent image to associate with anything remotely food-like is the short path to crazy town.

I LOLed. What is it, Extenze? Oh, that reminds me of Enzyte Bob dressing as Santa, causing a whole bunch of women lining up to sit on his lap. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Well, he is married to a 45 year old. The difference between her and a 23 year old chippy is probably very shocking. In every single scene, it's sunny and gorgeous. Cue some smarmy fuck walking across Montgomery street in his dockers slacks, pausing to look all cool at the camera. Not a bum in sight - in fact it's shockingly crowdless - there's like 8 people in the background and one lonely car passing behind him.

In the Financial District on a workday? And he works in the Financial District and they let him wear a sweater and tan slacks?

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Nowhere anywhere near San Francisco that I'm aware of. And the water is like glass and he's facing away from it. Nice kite flying out there, I bet. Lots of candles and frilly tablecloths, none of which are blowing like mad in the wind that would undoubtedly be up there. She's wearing a little black dress with tiny straps and he's just wearing a suit, and I guess neither one of them is freezing to death. Is there a dockers suit anyway? Nice hole the only one, really - the 17th, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Except that Lincoln is a Muni course, and given what I'm supposed to know about this captain of life, somehow I doubt he's going to that duffer's course.

And again, no jacket anywhere and they're not freezing to death yards off the Bay. I'm so tempted to make my own: Me stuck in traffic, then sitting at my desk. Yes, I watch Cheaters. I don't remember the snake-oil capsules either, although they show it four times during the show. The ads are all either for "male enhancement," hair loss, or diets for the ladies watching. Anyway, topic I thought they were going to get over their differences and settle down.

But no, they are still having arguments over petty things. I think PC should dump the smug little slacker and find a more compatible partner Ok, don't get me started here I hate that stupid guy in the glasses. He just looks annoying, not to mention the idiocy of the commercials. I mean, are we supposed to identify the entire company with him? Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to work somewhat indirectly for Verizon, but I digress I really can't stand those McDonalds commercials.

Why is it that nearly all of their commercials now are aimed at the African-American community. I really can't stand those Dominoes commercials with the so-called "medieval war". I mean, the guy blows up the pizza delivery girl's car, and she doesn't even react at all I'm really sick of that 5 dollar footlong crap.

I want to be one less Turns out that as a society if we spent the amount of those commericals making commericals instead that have to do with getting regular exams for women, we wouldn't have nearly the rates of cervical cancer McDonalds radio commercials are so smarmy and "hip" that it makes me want to vomit. It is actually out of heavy rotation now, but it was one of those dating site ads about someone who took the eHarmony test and wasn't allowed to join.

One look at her and even I can tell she is completly nuts and would make life a living hell for anyone who dated her. The thing that galled me about those commercials is that it was somehow the customers fault if their lines didn't move along as quickly as they wanted them to. Uh, no If your checkout lines ain't moving quick enough then maybe you should get better cashiers instead of trying to blame it on your customers paying habits. I saw one last night that annoyed me. It shows a little cartoon ant and talks about how they can lift times their own body weight and how small things can be strong, then it starts talking about OB tampons.

Sorry, but I do not want creepy, crawly bugs associated with things I stick up my hoo-ha! Does no one ever think these ads through? It's deeper than that. This stupid commercial demonstrates that it is OK in Hollywood and Madison Avenue to portray fathers as idiots. Watch TV for awhile with this thought in mind, and you'll come away convinced. Yeah, Demi Moore is such an old hag! I always thought he was kind of cute. One time when I said so, my son rolled his eyes and said it was obviously a twenty-something guy in a mask.

Oh, well. I've never tried to look it up because I really don't want to know. I'm cleaning the littler box I should have added a smiley or something. My peeve ad is for that new HP thing for computerphobes. The radio ad I hear every damn day is a teenagerish girl stating that communicating with her Grandma used to be so hard, what with having to actually go to the post office, buy a stamp, put it in the post box "and who does THAT nowadays?

I can see finding the ad annoying, but it doesn't seem like a particularly bad piece of advertising to me. Seniors are often paranoid about technology, and do feel "out of touch" both with the tech and with their families. This ad seems to hit all the right buttons, no? Just saw a commercial for I think some travel group. Every time the man tries to talk a jack hammer goes off. I turned it off before I found out what they were selling.

It's so dificult to put it in the upper right corner! What if I put in in the middle? This is too haaaard!!! It's stupid. Whichever is the one with the lawn gnome. Any commercial that features anyone eating anything crunchy! I have to mute or kill. I usually mute If that needs a new computer because yours is so old, then so will Verizon DSL.

And if you're getting a new computer, why do you need more memory? Won't you have ordered it in the new computer? Nope, there's no question about it being about heroin. On the CD, there's multimedia stuff or at least there was back when Quicktime crap on CDs was all the rage in which she's talking about the song and it being about heroin addiction. I don't buy the Kutcher camera shennanigans. In fact some older woman chuckles good-heartedly at the scampy hijinks of today's youth.

There's nothing to indicate that anything scandalous happened except for Kutcher's out of place reaction. Love, Phil I've never seen that on tv, but omg, ugh. And double ugh. We've got this one dumbass radio commercial in Ireland, from the food advisory board. It always gets played during the summer; barbeque season, y'know. Basically saying make sure to cook your food correctly, not to contaminate your food, all that. Basically, it consists of this guy Seriously, it sounds like he's explaining how he was drink-driving and knocked down a child.

Whereas anyone I know that poisoned someone with shitty cooking would be like "Hey! I cooked a steak for Vinny the other day, an' it gave him the shits for a week! Yeah, I know! Old shitty pants V! Two reasons: 1 The ad's played aprox. At the end when the kid sings, "I'll love you 'til the end of time! Go Phone ad part 2: Another thing I hate about that ad is that it teaches kids if you keep after dad he'll give in evidenced by the line, "I can't take it any longer..

What a lesson for kids! I like that one. You recognize the dad and the song, right? That's the world-famous Meatloaf doing a parody of his probably biggest hit, Paradise by the Dashboard Light. That's why the words are a little over-the-top. Yeah, I like that one too. If that isn't meatloaf's actual son or relative then that was excellent casting. I love the little head bob and lip sneer he does when meatloaf is singing. Has anyone mentioned Peggy yet?