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This allows you to do a sparse checkout deep into the directory tree while keeping the folder structure intact — is it possible to add this feature? I would like to make a feature request: I would really love the ability to create a new folder from the repository browser. I cannot seem to find an option to revert my working copy to a particular revision.

Is this possible?

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You can export the files and replace those in your working copy manually. You may also use the repository browser to browse the older revisions. Could you add option for checking out specific revision, please? Thanks you guys! I checked up in the comments above and no one seems to be missing it! Currently you can use the commit window to check for modifications. Thanks very much for incorporating my wishlist item! Good app.

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Not found the function to create folders in the Repo-bowser. It is possible to add?

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Buy some full versions. You need to upgrade the working copy first. The option to lock files is not showing up in the Finder — like it does in windows explorer — is there away to enable it? Thanks for the prompt response. We are running subversion 1. SnailSVN is locking files can see on server fine but not displaying the lock icon in finder nor showing lock status in repo browser accessed from finder menu. Other icons work and Finder is at top of extensions list. Also particular file not indicated as locked using TortoiseSVN client 1.

After committing I have almost everytime to kill the SVN Extension because it suddenly use all my processor. I have a macbook pro It is quite annoying. I have sometime to wait 1 minute before I can use the snail SVN extension on my finder. Do you have any idea of what is the issue? Hi, SnailSVN needs to refresh the file badges after committing. Nice app, just left a review I rarely do that.

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Any suggestions? I bought this app. I have a problem with difftool. My steps: 1. A messagebox is appeared. I checked: 1. The required dir net. DiffTool exists.

I have read questions on this site, but I did not find an answer. Hello, this application is really great!. Nevertheless it seems to have an annoying bug. I tried to checkout either on case sensitive and case insensitive file systems and still have those errors. Thank you very much. This app is really great!

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Would you have a hint for this? The lite version works great as expected, an incredible feature. Just one issue with FileMerge crash.

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Any workaround? Hi, it is recommended that you try other diff tools, such as DiffMerge or KDiff3, and see if it works. DiffMerge works perfectly. Website URL. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. SnailSVN Free. Leave a comment? Gabriele October 21, at am. Looks like a nice application! Wendy March 30, at am. Vikram December 4, at am. Hi Vikram, The iCloud Drive folder is not an ordinary folder, since the iCould daemon is monitoring it and it seems that no other Finder plugins can get a higher priority.

Thanks for the feedback! Chris January 20, at am.

When committing files in is there a way to select all files quickly Thanks. Greg January 22, at pm. Andy Moyle March 21, at pm. Nam April 6, at pm. Gavin April 19, at pm. Hi Updating externals is very slow is there a way to speed this up? Gavin April 20, at am. Zil May 2, at am. Thanks July 20, at am. This is awesom App!!

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You may also consider avoid using CJK characters in the file paths. Hi, Unicode path is supported now 1. Please, add support unicode for 1. X version Thanks a lot! Hi, please use 1. Nikone October 6, at pm. It requires the standard SVN command-line client. While the big disadvantage to these is the lack of an OS X-friendly user interface, if you need to access Subversion across different platforms, and would like to use the same client everywhere, these will give you a standard and consistence interface.

The following clients ran without issue on my OS X While it is Java-based, there are specific versions for Windows, OS X and Linux, each supporting their native environments the OS X version will add custom popup menus into Finder as an example. This suffers more than the other cross-platform clients with regards to the user interface I have never seen MDI child windows with OS X style window management buttons in any other application before. JSVN is a very no-frills, open-source option and is quite functional.

It is by far the fastest Java-based client. Subclipse is an add-on to the cross-platform Eclipse IDE which is Java-based, but language independent. This requires you to upgrade the command-line SVN client that comes with Leopard from 1. Let us know with a comment. I love Cornerstone. Also their support is good. If I run into something I think is an issue, I can just dash off a letter and they help me until the problem is resolved. Again: yes, I buy software… :. You talk about quality, but did you find one of those commercial SVN clients better than Tortoise?

You basically pay a skin. I mean… it sounds like. That is a great convenience. All in one, great UI, wonderful support, easy to use. I just made a list of 4 free and open-source clients for OSX, you can check it here:. Before I even entered anything! It connected just fine. The best Git client is the terminal version. Subversion is a version control system.

It is an extremely handy piece of software. Note also that this list does not include distributions of larger collections of software of which Subversion is but one piece. Several vendors offer such things, but we concern ourselves primarily with Subversion itself.

What's in this list?

As such, the listing here is limited to those packages which may be reasonably considered binary distributions of Apache Subversion alone. CollabNet supported and certified by CollabNet ; requires registration. Fedora Project maintained by Joe Orton. FreeBSD Project.