Mac foundation difference between nw and nc

Eye Makeup for Small Eyes. September 26, at pm. This has been unbelievably helpful for me.. January 18, at pm. Sarah Glossicious. Great post! Very helpful. I'm shocked that the SAs didn't help out the poor girl. September 27, at am. Tanveer Parmar. Excellent post Mehak!


You explained everything very nicely and in a simple manner. September 27, at pm. September 30, at am. October 1, at pm. October 3, at am. October 3, at pm. November 24, at pm. February 23, at pm.

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June 15, at pm. December 6, at pm. Hi Mehak! Thanks for the post! But I am confused…. It suits me pretty well, looks really natural etc etc… I like it how the color blends into my skin…and have been appreciated on how real it looks… and then I wanted to know more about this NC and NW and read this post and others on the internet.

More weird is that I bought MAC face and body foundation too but thats a NC, and that also suits me well while i feel i look just a tiny bit dark, friends say it looks just perfect … I am really confused right now coz I dunno what shade I really am!!! January 10, at am. Crown Princess. January 21, at am. May 11, at pm. May 16, at pm. May 21, at am. May 21, at pm. May 27, at am.

September 17, at pm. Hello, This blog post of yours, been very helpful. Thanks once again Mehak. Celine Aramouni. November 26, at pm. January 1, at pm. February 19, at pm. April 24, at am. May 22, at pm. August 5, at pm. September 10, at pm. The veins test is the best and correct method of judging. I am medium fair yellowish looking but extremely cool-toned while my Caucasion White green-eyed blonde friend is extremely warm-toned!

Another way to judge is, what looks worse or better on you?

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A bright orange or a bright pink? Does peach based nude lipstick suit you better or a pink based nude? Over the years I have bought a lot of peach colored clothes cause they just look sooo adorable but somehow it seemed like the clothes came to die in my closet! What shade do you recommend, so far the MAC makeup artists have not been helpful at all! As per your information, i have a Warmer skin tone, which needs NC. So what can i use for only Concealer. Please suggest. Oh god! I cant tell you how confused i was between NC and NW.

Thanks for making lives easier.


I have cool undertones, but what if I want to play up the pink of my skin instead of making myself look more warm? Should I still use an NW? Hi Mehak, stumbled across your article and it cleared the confusion of, wait for it, 10 years! Yes, I started using M.

5 Tips For Figuring Out Your Undertone And Finding Your Ultimate Foundation Match

C foundation 10 years ago, never paid attention to what the mua picked for me then, which was brilliant. After a few years, and in between other brands, I went shopping and they fitted me with a C6, which makes me look darker and dull. Thanks a lot, bless you! C also has these shades like NC Very helpful post. Your email address will not be published. Beginner Makeup.

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You may also like. They usually have five classifications for their products: warm, neutral warm, neutral, neutral cool, and cool. Both neutral warm and neutral cool serve as a combination between both shades of neutral and intense warm or cool. People with warm tones can use warm shades while the cool shade complements people with cool tones.

The top five questions about MAC foundations – answered!

The neutral warm and neutral cool shades are for people in-between the warm or cool shades and the neutral shades. The numbers indicate the intensity or the depth of shade of the product. The higher the number indicated, the deeper and the more intense the color of the shade of the product. Most cosmetic companies follow that Neutral Warm should go with warm skin tones, and Neutral Cool should be used with cool skin tones and their corresponding undertones. On the other hand, MAC Cosmetics reversed the scheme in their skin products.

The major cosmetic brand has Neutral Warm for people with cool skin tones while the Neutral Cool is designated for people with warm skin tones. This reversal might cause some confusion for women who switch makeup brand products. They are often used for foundations and concealers.

This scheme is reverse when it comes to MAC skin products.