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I try all things but it dosent work can somebody plz give me email how to cheat on singelplayer plz i wana exprience it. Any one that knows? Your email address will not be published.

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  7. Prestige Mode allows you to start back at Level 1 and work your way back up. This can be done a total of 10 times. To unlock cheats you'll need to locate Intel Pieces strewn throughout the game. Their are 30 to collect, and the more of them you collect, the more cheats will be unlocked.

    Here is a list of cheats, what the cheats do and how many Intel Pieces are needed to unlock each one. To do this glitch you need to go to Multiplayer and make your own match. Then change the map to Crossfire,then choose the game Free for All then go to options menu and turn on Old School. Then Start the game. In the game it doesn't matter what team you use.

    Then go to the side of the field that has a building with lots of rubble,and go up the stairs and there will be a chair. Jump on to the chair and then there will be a wall straight in front of you. Jump up again on to a platform there and do a Then you will see a platform across the way. Do a tiny sprint and jump up there It may take a few times if you miss a lot. When your on the platform make your way to the top and go on the corner of the building. While on the corner jump in place then you will be elevated in mid air then you can actually walk to the building on your left keep close to the wall.

    Modern Warfare 2 Museum

    While in the air, go around the corner of the building Then you look on your mini map and you will be right on the line that leads out of bounds. Look down, there should be barbed wire under you. While looking at the barbed wire walk in the line of the barbed wire then you will make it on the top of the building across the barbed wire. This is the perfect sniping spot for you snipers out there. When you are waiting for the helicopter to pick you up on the level where you kill Imar, wait until you are at the checkpoint,then grab a sniper, head towards where the bad guys came at the first part of that,make a left, then go all the way down and at the the first door, go in it.

    Get out your sniper and wait until the helicopter gets there, then go get your guy and bring him back to the helicopter. One more thing, when you are hiding, the men won't go to you, but dogs will. It may take a couple tries so be patient and keep on trying. Latest Updates. Team Yell Introduced As Antagonis.. Additional Rivals Revealed For Po..

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    Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare cheat Codes

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    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheats

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      During gameplay in Multiplayer mode you will receive the indicated bonuses when you reach the corresponding level in the game. Read More. Then type the following codes to enable the corresponding effect in the game.