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Don't give up if you don't get it in the first class, it takes a few classes to train your brain how to work this way. This class is designed to challenge your cardio pulmonary system using varying levels of intensity and to improve your core power and strength. You have the option to work in deep or shallow water, use a tether and hand bells to increase your work effort. Low impact, strength training, increased range of motion as well as working on balance all while having fun. This one hour water aerobics class is perfect for men and women alike.

It is intense enough for the physically fit while it also can be enjoyed by the beginner. A variety of movements and rhythms are used to tone, strengthen and enhance muscle groups. An intense class designed for those who wish to obtain a cardio workout while using the natural resistance of the water to help increase strength, power, endurance and range of motion. The first 30 minutes is High Intensity Interval Training HIIT designed to challenge the Cardio Respiratory System, and the second half of the class challenges the muscles of the body with exercises specifically focusing on core power and control.

Participants are encouraged to be suspended in the water wearing flotation belts to challenge balance and movements in all planes of motion. High Intensity Interval Training is performed in the water, blasting fat and increasing heart rate when low to moderate exercises are alternated with high intensity intervals.

We welcome all fitness levels that want a hard workout in a low impact environment. Easy on the joints, while building up a good sweat. This cardio, core and strength class combines intervals of high and low intensity. This is a fun muscle conditioning and cardio endurance class for all levels of fitness.

Feel stronger and more energized! The weekend will not be complete until you stop by the MAC aquatic center for a complete body workout.


This class is a 90 minute high intensity and core water movement class. Various pieces of equipment are utilized during this class to challenge you and improve your health. She travels through the states visiting family and friends in the spring and summer. She also enjoys woodworking and interior design. Her hometown is Northfield, MN. While pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in Exercise Science, she taught aerobic conditioning, step aerobics, weight training for women and stretching classes for administrative staff.

Cooper as an Exercise Coordinator where she gained knowledge on correcting posture, improving ergonomics in the work place and injury rehabilitation. Kari left the fitness world in to pursue a career in business and then devoted full time to her family: three children and husband David. Kari has taught the Blake 8 th Grade Wellness Yoga Unit since and enjoys working with all ages and abilities.

Katie is always interested in learning the newest fitness trends. Interested in creating and teaching dance to those who find the same joy in it that she does. Senait is a highly talented stylist who loves to work on all types of hair. Senait came to the US from Paris to continue training for her passion of working in the beauty industry.

She graduated from Regency Institute in Minnetonka. Senait uses her listening skills and styling experience to make every client feel good about how they look with a unique style of their own. I love teaching yoga and conveying the benefits of yoga to my students, from the physical to the mental mindful practices that can enhance the quality of their lives. This is a life long endeavor. One I have truly enjoyed. Because of a dance background, she considers her bodywork sessions more flowing, but can also customize her work to address specific deep tissue conditions.

She sees the body as an integrated system and utilizes all of her specialties to create the healing experience. In her free time, Heidi enjoys dancing and an on-going yoga practice. She also loves travel, hiking outdoors in nature, and regularly supports the local arts. She is committed to eating organically and likes to spend quality time with family and friends.

Philosophy: Yoga is intended to be joyful, uplifting and life-enhancing. I have been in group fitness for over half my life and I love every minute of it.

It is my privilege to be able to lead members in group exercise. I believe passionately that there is some type of exercise for all walks of life and it is my job as a group fitness instructor to help others find that exercise and enjoy it! I take the gift of movement seriously and want to encourage others to do the same. Rachel earned her B.

She earned her J. Rachel is an enthusiastic health and fitness leader who loves inspiring people to enjoy exercising body, mind and spirit. She has over 20 years of experience teaching mind-body fitness classes in numerous Twin Cities locations and is passionate about sharing the joy and healing power of dance and exercise. Rachel loves yoga, hiking, canoeing, bicycling, skiing, sailing, star-gazing, dancing, world music, travel, tea and enjoying life with family and friends.

Beth has been a dancer since childhood and discovered the joy of dancing Nia in She has been teaching Nia full time since and most recently received her Nia Brown Belt in July She loves the variety of energies, movements and the increased flexibility, agility, and ease in her body, mind and spirit that Nia brings. Through movement we find health! Liz is passionate about moving the body 3 dimensionally whether dancing, teaching yoga or gently moving into wellness.

Liz also loves to share the power and passion of mindfulness in the practice of meditation. Never stop moving and being in the now. I love the community that develops in Group Fitness classes. It is an honor to see the hearts, minds, and bodies of participants change as they embrace health and fitness. Ryan has been an Exercise Specialist here at The Marsh for over 10 years. He believes in the mind body approach to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

From injury prevention to weight loss goals, Ryan has a wide range of progressive programs he utilizes with his clients. Ryan graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Kinesiology and also specializes in proper gait training and biomechanics of the human body. Besides running and being a coach, Ryan enjoys being active and enjoying the outdoors.

Bobbi embraces a whole person approach to nutrition and is inspired to leverage her experience in designing innovative and practical nutrition programs for our members. Jennifer specializes in working with people after they have suffered a heart attack or have had any sort of cardiovascular intervention. She is also good with people who are either new to exercise or are looking to do more functional training.

She believes in setting goals with clients, whether they want to improve their daily activities, lose weight or any other goals a person may have. She also has experience with personal training and teaching classes in the pool. Outside of personal training she enjoys teaching indoor cycling and our higher intensity classes.

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Outside of work she enjoys lifting, running and all sports. She enjoys people of all ages and abilities but prefers working with older adults in a fitness setting. Teaching about the important benefits of exercise and healthy habits is a natural extension of her desire to help others. She loves working with motivated individuals who want a well-rounded, sustainable and practical approach to good health. Therefore she builds a strong and healthy wellness foundation using a holistic approach in her teaching and coaching.

She loves to encourage her clients to go safely beyond boundaries to uncover hidden strength and potential that will take them to the next level. Her goal for every workout is that you leave feeling challenged and successful! Some fun facts about Brenda: She is a native Minnesotan who loves the seasons and enjoys local restaurants and shopping, and a variety of events from sports to the arts. Her favorite hobby is cooking.

Swimming Lessons (Steps 1-10)

She likes making all kinds of recipes and enjoys finding creative ways to make meals as healthy as possible. When vacationing, Brenda likes to plan trips that involve both relaxation and activity. Her two most memorable experiences were traveling to Casperia, Italy, for a yoga retreat and hiking to the top of Mt. Yale in Colorado. I enjoy my Marsh family immensely , the staff and members.

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It is a joy to work here and I want to make your classes fun and impactful. Mary has been working as a manager, instructor and practitioner in the field of Aquatics since She has 10 years of experience in Pool Management and prefers working within the modality of warm water therapy. Her work in the water and on the table provides a safe environment for those addressing chronic pain conditions and regulating the nervous system as a result of trauma. Mary loves the outdoors, vigorous exercise, and sharing with like-minded friends who value the beauty of nature and healthy lifestyles.

Somatic yoga over two years. Aqua Yoga over three years. Judy specializes in mindfulness integrating gentle movement with breath and meditation. She retired from a long successful business career, and is now dedicating her time and energy to continued learning.

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  • Dianna has been working as a water fitness instructor for 10 years. She has also been working as a studio instructor teaching Qi Gong and Tai Chi for 7 years. She has been working as a guest services representative for 9 years working with front desk activities including phone work, class check-in, and hotel reservation responsibilities. She has also been working more recently as Manager on Duty for The Marsh on weekends.

    Dianna loves being outside, getting together with friends and spending lots of time with her daughters and 3 grand-daughters. She loves working with all age ranges- from children learning karate to seniors working through rehabilitation. Candy likes to keep all training fresh and incorporates all the different equipment, classes and programs into her sessions and utilizes the inside and outside areas of The Marsh. Clients learn how to use many aspects of the fitness center and enjoy the beautiful outdoors surrounding The Marsh.

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    When not at The Marsh, you can find Candy enjoying her grandchildren. He also continues to serve as a personal trainer to Marsh members, assuring that they have a comprehensive orientation to Training Center programs. Evan provides cardiovascular assessments and metabolic testing and is a certified Level 1 Kettlebell Coach and Level 1 Olympic Lifting Coach. He brings deep experience in aerobic testing, anaerobic power assessments, cardiovascular assessments, metabolic testing and exercise prescription development. Scholastic in Duluth, MN. A native of Superior, Wisconsin, Evan currently lives in Edina.

    Evan enjoys spending his free time outdoors, whether it be while on a bike saddle or in a duck blind. He spends most weekends in motion, on one of his XX bikes, in a park with kettlebells, or in the woods up north. He has competed in powerlifting and enjoys pushing his body in new and different ways. He is currently exploring all the benefits of incorporating more Olympic movements into his training. Evan believes whole-heartedly in promoting a well-rounded lifestyle and incorporating movement whenever possible into our often sedentary lifestyles.

    Carol has been with The Marsh since the beginning! She has been a Pilates instructor since Carol leads our Pilates Department at The Marsh. Swim lessons for any age We offer group and individual lessons for students age 3 and up. We also offer parent-child swimming opportunities for children as young as six months. For more information, email Diane Pattridge.

    Our next three-week series begins August Adult Swimming Lessons Private swim lessons are offered for adults of all levels. Email Maria. Email Jacquelyn.