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In some specific situations, Mac users running OS X Yosemite may wish to re-download the complete installer application of a prior operating system like OS X Mavericks. This is typically something only advanced users would want to do, perhaps for making a bootable installer for the older OS X version, for upgrading a different Mac, or even to downgrade more on that in a moment , but unless you have a compelling reason to download the prior OS X release installer there is little other reason to do this.

To be perfectly clear, simply downloading and attempting to run the old installer alone is not sufficient to downgrade from OS X Yosemite back to OS X Mavericks on a Mac. Users who wish to accomplish that could either use an old Time Machine backup, use internet recovery , perform a clean Mavericks install , or follow this to make a bootable installer drive for OS X Mavericks , all of which are much more technical processes that are not going to be covered here.

Do not attempt to install OS X Mavericks over an existing OS X Yosemite installation, it will not work and you will almost certainly break something which could result in file loss or worse. To be able to find the Mavericks installer app, you must have downloaded it at some point with the same Apple ID you are using to access the App Store. If you never previously downloaded it or installed it on a Mac, you will not find the installer available on that account.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. To redownload the OSX These instructions do NOT work for me. So that is not going to help. I always keep copies of Mac OS installers, just for this reason. But, for some reason, every copy I have of the Mavericks installer says that there is something wrong with the file. But I have used that file many times to install Mavericks. So very confused! I have a flash drive that is a Mavericks boot disk and then that stopped working without warning.

I have run into this myself. The trick is to set your clock back in time to before the certificate problem occurred, this can mean setting the clock back a year or more sometimes, aim for when the installer was released. Then the installer will work to install OS X on the Mac. Any comments from here re SL vs.

If it works for you as is, there is little reason to update it. If you already have a new Mac, just use the new one avoid Yosemite though, it is awful compared to Mavericks or El Capitan.

Download CCleaner for Mac | Clean up your Mac!

OS X Yosemite is a nightmare, avoid it. How do I make it let me have another copy of the installer, now that their certificates have changed? Remember using a paper clip to reboot the system.

Playback all kind of DivX content in your Mac.

Those MacPluses hung up. The company see no reason to fix their system. Like somebody said their are people out their who are loyal Apple Users and will never say bad things about Apple. Apple has made the perfect system of making people continually buying another computer. Which do you really need a computer if you have a pencil? Ever hear of Broadband thru the electrical system? Which is why Apple has stopped all forms of fixing their systems. If a mega computer system is just going to create more problems we are told hackers, but wonder if the Chinese have Mac problems?

Hence, look at all the apps for n the app center which are worthless. As remember the days when they put the system on 5 or 6 floppy disks? Just a way to slow everybody down. As who are you going to sue? GM or Apple or the software company or the makers of the chipset? Insurance on wifi enabled cars. I too am forced to upgrade after hanging with Lion. I with many others it appears have been faced with in order to be able to continue to get updates in my case Adobe updates , I will need to upgrade my OX S.

A very good thing to avoid! But after reading the endless horror stories about how awful Yosemite is as an operating system that alone is enough to bring me to a full stop! My solution is simple…. So to do a clean instal of Mavericks I would suggest that instead of going to eBay or to a mystery website to buy a thumb drive with Mavericks that also runs the risk of also containing a possible trojan virus or keylogger..

However, I waited 10hrs for it to download…. I hate Yosemite — it stopped me from using Smart Notebook, as it is my teaching software. Not true. You can copy your user folder to a USB drive, then wipe the internal drive, install Mavericks, and set up a temp user. Then copy your saved user folder into the User folder. Anybody willing to share the installer or borrow their Apple id? Like the last month of purchases. No Mavericks obviously. If I quit App Store the button is no longer gray and I can repeat the loop.

Any help? My daughter installed Yosemite — along with each update — on her Macbook Pro. It was literally like running her computer off a floppy disk. She hoped each update would be an improvement, but it somehow just got worse each time. She is a university student University of Utah and runs only the most fundamental programs.

She begged me to revert her back to Mavericks, but I could not figure out how. MacOS High Sierra v It also makes it as efficient as possible by using cloud capabilities to switch from one device to another. You can synchronize your documents with your iCloud library and access them every time with your Apple ID.

In various applications, you can also share your documents with your friends. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Harbaugh: well said!

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When I backed down to Mavericks from Yosemite after about two weeks trial, I had lost most of the work done while on Yosemite and a good number of little glitches remained mangled and buggered email lists mostly as I remember. I was hoping to hear that Yosemite had been fixed. Did so from the start. Absolutely 0 problems. After fumbling with the crashprone buggy nightmare release of OS X Yosemite for a couple of weeks, I backed up my files, formatted the drive, and did exactly this to make a drive to re-install clean OS X Mavericks. Running Nope, not good enough, sorry Apple you lost me!

Buggy, unreliable, unreadable, ugly, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, buggy, slow, did I mentions low and buggy? I told a family member to update to Yosemite a while ago… that was a huge mistake because it has been a nightmare for them too! At the moment, OS X Mavericks is a more consistent and stable experience for many Mac users, and I long ago stopped recommending anyone updating to Yosemite after experiencing many issues with friends and family members who updated to it and ran into either the many bugs or problems with reading the screen due to blurry fonts on non-retina displays.

Also, Yosemite is incompatible with many AFP and SMB network environments, which makes it unusable in the workplace for many employed folk. In the meantime, if someone is on Mavericks, yea, stay put, unless you want to spend a weekend fixing someone elses computer and that is not my idea of fun! Harbaugh, because YO runs great on my 3 Macs and Mavericks sucked.

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My only gripe with YO and it started with Mavericks, is when moving something to the trash, there is about a five second delay before it completes. Not sure about your Yosemite issues. I have WiFi syncing and everything. No problems here. You have a problem with your Mac. Please tell me! Thanks you.

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