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Are you running a fresh install of Lion or did you upgrade? Hi Duncan, I guess the original O2 installer must have put the interface in somehow — have you made any progress? Got new mac air lion already installed exact same problem as duncan, were you able to resolve the problem and connect with the dongle eventually. Shuggil, thanks man! I had a similar issue after upgrading to Lion and thankfully came across your post while searching for solution on Google and O2 site. By APN do you mean the number the modem dials?

I know that there is a Telephone Number field in the Network Preferences dialog. Equally is there a way I can get the new network service to start automatically when the dongle is plugged in? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

Key step: set DNS server to Hope this helps anyone out there trying to get it working.

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Like this: Like Loading Stuart — glad it was helpful, had me stumped for a while! Yeah it had me tied up for a while, just relieved to have got it working! I liked your article is an interesting technology thanks to google I found you. Sam Excellent — many thanks. Many thanks! I am trying something very similar with the Sierra Wireless Compass A couple of quetsions: 1. Hi Neil, 1. Let me know if this works for you and I will update the post. Any advice? Hi Duncan, Are you running a fresh install of Lion or did you upgrade? Thanks for this mate! Thanks to anyone that might be able to help.

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Breathtaking incompetence. Staggeringly bad customer service. So now its a trip to the data recovery people. Thing is, with this dongle, I am getting a good connection and a good speed. So its a shame it is causing crashes intermittently — thats the frustrating part. I have looked on the Huawei and 3 website and they all say just reinstall the 3connect software and the easyconnect software, so I have done this — no one is offering an updated firmware for mac os Why do these companies find it so hard to make good compatible products for mac?

Looking for better alternatives now. Will persevere a little while longer, then it might have to go in the bin! Luckily its PAYG. Has anyone else used one of these routers? Mmm dunno.

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How frustrating to see all the above comments. There MUST be a solution out there for macusers…. I was unaware of the crashing problem until I bit-the-bullet, and now share the pain! I am running it on a G4 1. Both have had the same intermittent crashing, but I think I may have found a solution…. It seems that part of the problem is when the dongle is inserted after the computer is running, or is used after it has been put to sleep, and then wakes up. After the connection is made with 3, and as soon as the first web page has loaded, crash time with the black window of reset instructions.

Solution: 1. Insert dongle before starting up So far it has been behaving itself touchwood , and I think it is down to a problem relating to memory allocation. If it starts up with it in, it gives memory allocation to the dongle as a priority. If its inserted afterwards, it tries to use a memory address that has already been given for something else, resulting in a conflict, and hence crash.

Guss how excited I was at finding BT offering a dongle as part of its broadband package for a fab price. Only to at the point of putting my signature to the contact did I find out — not mac compatible!!!! Shame on BT! I agree with the previous comment from Peter Rodgers. The connection speed varies quite a lot but on the whole I am not to disappointed with this aspect of the service — as I was expecting it. Sometimes has losing signal problem and need to reconnect.

I believe that was the network problem. Overall performance is just fine and speed is downloading: And it has been nearly a year already. This naughty marketing tricks fooled Mac users like me turn to their contract trap! Had a vodaphone pay as you go dongle for 7 months now, using on my windows XP run PC, all great, then bought a macbook.

Thanks a lot for nothing, back to the PC. Good news BT have now made their mobile broadband dongle mac friendly via their bt connecton manager for mac. I am using it as we speak and the connection is very stable and fairly fast the best mobile broadband I think by far. Any ideas?? The dongle still works, just only when it fancies. It recognises the dongle and displays the 3Connect Icon but will not launch the software….

After successfully installing the application through the web which I had to download onto my own personal USB from the Internet cafe , the program told me that no device was found even though the dongle was firmly attached to my laptop. Used mostly in NW London, the coverage is pretty good, have found speed varies day-to-day, even hour-to-hour sometimes. Uploading anything, however, is ridiculously slow 56k modem speed! Serious connection problems have been rare.

Worst was a 2-week bout of no connection; tech support told me someone muffed-up upgrading my local Three mast; got a refund for the month but only after being pushy with them. I now have a new mac laptop and it is starting to crash again. I am worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have got a dongle from three about 18 moths ago and it worked fine with Leopard. Upgrade to snow leopard and not a thing. This issue is with all operators it seems. The laptop did lock up once, after an hour or so of use. Have O2 dongle which works fine on my Toshiba with Windows Vista but simply refuses to load the drivers onto my Mac Pro, even though there are instructions with the dongle on on how to do this. Bit frustrating, seems from reading above comments this is all a bit hit and miss. Although this is supposedly Mac compatible, installing Mobile Connect is not straightforward, since incredibly, you need to disassemble the installer to in order to install it.

Why is it these people seem incapable of writing half decent Mac software? I have a vodafone Australia usb modem. I have never had a problem with my macbook in the last 2. Mac OS X Version After 8 months of dealing with kernal panics I found new software Version 3. Broadband It Is Not. Most people never use all their data plan allowance, whatever that may be, in whatever time frame they have chosen. For remotely getting online with a Macbook Pro would I just need the dongle or would I need the dongle plus a plan.

In that case might I really want a satellite USB device instead or is that overkill?

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And what brand works better with the Macs? I know this is really a personal choice type of question, but I need all and any recommendations I can get. Bought a 3 dongle for my 2 year old MBP. This in spite of the salesman at the time saying if there were problems with it could be exchanged within 14 days. Any ideas anyone …. Nothing wrong with the modem, just getting it to connect to the mac book. Iv searched everywhere to see what mobile broadband I can use or how to get my 3 dongle connected but still no luck.

Can anybody help me???

How to use your O2 Mobile Broadband dongle as a memory stick on a Mac

This dongle does work well on Windaz and Ubuntu, but I really need it to work on my Mac. Would have thought that these Companies would realise this by now after reading through all you posts going back to ? Depressing…… Keep the Peace. It seems that I am not alone in wasting a lot of time trying to get a ZTE 3 dongle to operate on a Mac. Quite unbelievable, I am demanding a refund and getting nowhere. I am going crazy. I have a Mac OS Well, I downloaded the 3connect installer, no problem, and it all seemed like it was going to work, yet everytime i click connect, it attempts to connect and then disconnects again.

Please verify your settings and try again. I have no idea why this is not working and am wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out. Any ideas? Had a VMC Lite that worked fine with laptop running Vista so popped down to the local vodafone store met a really helpful young lady.

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Put the dongle into the usb port and was instructed that I needed an older version of the dongle — not sure there are any older dongles — or need a higher opertating system??? Taking a trip back to the store. So frustrating. I also have the 3 mobile ZTE dongle, and have also had no joy getting this to work with my current new in May i5 desktop. If i am wrong, 3 network, then prove me so, sooner rather than later…….

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I reallyjust simply wished to distribute your excellent publishing! Thanks a lot, Fletcher. So I was disappointed and would probably have to buy another dongle that did. I have a Vodafone contract dongle which doesnt work in my mac, after 5 calls to Vodafone still unresolved. Very frustrating and have no idea what to do next.

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Hi Paul. Not sure what to do now as I do not want to be tied to a contract.