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I am getting this After Effects error: "Couldn't find main entry point for Picasso. This error causes AE to crash at startup. I am using a Mac. Please read the conversation we had below as it explains in more detail where I am at with this problem. I had another error for a different plugin and when I located it in my plugins folder and removed it, I did not have that error anymore. I can't find this one Picasso. I'd like to find out where it is so I can try removing it first. Amazing effect but can you please create an alpha channel for it.

Without alpha we cannot export transparent renders. How about pre-compose the layer and then make blending mode to "screen"? Sir, i am unable to download the plugin how to create a cinematic video, Thanks for your hard and superb knowledge.

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No 32 bit version? Can someone please tell me where's the 32 bit version? Actually this plug in works only on 64 bit system. Matthew Abaya. Wow this would be great to use but like a few others on older operating systems, its doesn't seem to open on Mac Just wanted to say a big thank you for creating and giving away this plug-in for free. You released it just in time for me to finish my Star Wars Alphabet animation in time for May 4th! Hey there. I'm working with Mousetrappe on a high profile project that uses Saber. We have found that rendering in After Effects Is anyone else seeing this?

When we run the job on render nodes with Windows 10 it seems to work fine. Hi could you please add a feature to give the core a center size? It has start and end size but when I put both to zero the saber disappears. It would be really good for planets, I've been using saber to make some great looking planets but to feather off the atmosphere on the dark side I've been using a linear wipe. It does the trick but it looks way better fading the edges with a 0 start and end size.

For the moment I've been working around it by using two saber layers. I think a center width property which should probably be an optional setting would fix that because there would only be one glow spanning the width of the saber. If you could please add that to the next version of saber that would be amazing : Love you guys!!! Is there a way to simply freeze the effect for bullet time?

Wait, you worked on the titles for The Force Awakens? Does that include the crawl? Because the timing was a little off on the crawl. There's a particular note that it should appear on. Hi All, im somewhat of a novice so hopefully this is an easy question: ive downloaded and installed the file, but when i go to open "Saber" AEX File it opens Ae but says the following: After Effects error: Cant import file "Saber.

Great plug-in! It's very much a huge game changer for all of us in VFX. I noticed that it can primarily take advantage of an AfterEffects layer's alpha channel i.

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Will there ever be a version of this plug-in which can use a luma matte layer being applied to the solid layer that the plug-in has been applied towards? For example, the luma mattes that can come out of C4D in the form of object buffer. MOV files? I've done an opening title in a style of a latino soap opera. Check it out! Looks great! Thanks Videocopilot this Plugin I've been waiting for this a long time ago, because before to me it was exausting make a light saber on AE! Thank much, and sorry for some mistakes on grammar but English, isn't my native language is Portuguese.

Kyle Head. Love this plug-in! I used it with some drone footage I shot to make this wormhole portal. Kevin Sancen. Hey guys. Hope you like my Saber test! Thanks :. Nice glow feature! Is there any plan of adding mask opacity support so the sabers will disappear when the mask disappears?

No freaking way First for the wonderful Lightsaber effect, and also for all the wonderful tutorials and products. You have been an inspiration to me as well as a mentor. Thanks again, James. Thank you so much Andrew. Sriman Biswajit. God bless you dear.. Chandan Dutta. Joey Danger. Lynn Rainwater. Thank you so much Andrew! After effects crash when I apply Saber Plugin to a text Don't apply it directly to the text layer. Could you tell us how you did the little smoke around the title in the Saber trailer? This is awesome! Just what I was looking for! Love the plug-in and your tutorials, but I'm having a strange issue.

After I export my movie, the section containing any "Saber" effects renders out as a solid white screen. After the section passes by, the movie resumes as normal. Imagine the timeline as: seconds in looks great , seconds in with saber effects blank screen , seconds looks great again. Any idea on why plugin is rendering out funky? I can't seem to find any answers anywhere. Update: I rebooted the machine entirely and suddenly everything is hunky-dory.

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Feel free to disregard my post. This plugin is awesome :D. Amazing plugin! Is there a way to get the effect similar to with a ring of fire but have it rotated laying on a ground plane so that the flames are rising up from the ground plane? This Plug-In can use anywhere freely? Even a commercial use?

Even though it's true, I can't believe it It's true? You are sent from the heavens!!! Thank you. This is absolutely incredible! You and the team are beyond generous! Thank you so much!! I see limitless possibilities for this amazing FREE plugin. Groovy two shoes!

Alexis Bacler. You plugin is amazing I send you greetings from Merida Yucatan Mexico Pls help me Thank you very much Andrew for all the tutorials and freebies you have been giving away for the last 10 years! You are amazing person and I don't even know how to express my appreciation. Mark Jones. Im having a small issue that I cant figure out.

I have been unable to apple a mask to the saber layers. What am I doing wrong? An excellent plugin for free? Thanks Andrew! Still a Great tutorial! Todd McMiniment. Anybody having horizontal line issue? They are appearing for a frame or two or three in varying degrees of thickness and duration. Pretty sure it's a bug but any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Actually trying to use this on a quick production shot I'm doing. May have to ditch it though.

Ooops, posted the same one twice. Damian Alpizar. I was able to take my 20 something layers and reduce them to just a few. Even used it to make molten metal edges. Wow, free plugin? Are you that awesome? Of course you are, your personality and kindness knows no boundries I need Saber Plugin for 32 bit. I want to find it, please! It is one of your great plugins! Thanks for your excellent plugins dear Andrew. James Scott. Thanks Andrew and Sam, You are truly an inspiration. I hope you have many more years of success as you deserve it. Okay, I've used the installer, and I've tried installing the plugin many times, but it doesn't work, it just won't appear in after effects.

Valentino Kemper. Than restart AE and enjoy! I tried to install this plug-in but I get a message stating version not compatible with my version of windows Win7 Ultimate bit. I'm guessing this download is 64 bit. Is there a bit version? Oh, my AE is CS4. Muchas gracias. Amaizing man u r awsome man this plugin made my life easy RW Digital. Damn, Sam still doing his stuff LOL! Is there anyway to make the distortion repeatable? You must have used fractal noise which has evolutions but 3 days I've been working with it now and I'm not sure I found a way to make it loopable.

Nice plugin btw, and it's free Dana A. Is there any work around. I checked for random keyframes and there are no stragglers. KJ Campbell. Does anyone know where I can find those portals or energy sources that he has under the circle mask, the object comes into play around 6 minutes into the tutorial. Paul C. Hi VCP.

Could you please release manual install files, as the Mac installer doesn't run in Many thanks! Hi, Just to tell you that your plugin is just freaking awsome! Your work is hudge, and I will never can you enought thank you. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french : Love and thanks for all Victor. It's only support 64bit version for windows. Hi Guys I'm trying to install the Saber plug in on a MacBook Pro late but after opening the installer nothing happens Has anyone had this problem on a Mac?

I'm having this problem too. I'm on a mac running OSX Guys, I double click the. Has anyone had this problem? It's "Support Files" that's important. Then I created a new folder named "saber" and I clicked on it and selected "Select folder" bot left. And it's worked! Enjoy and waiting for your feedback, Victor. To bad I can't have ever it is have a older model cpu with a great graphic card but not 64 bit support only 32 bit but I can use this on a laptop that does support it not so great graphics card.. Aaron Wong. Can someone tell me how can I add saber to a 3d model in element and have it stick to it?

You will need to somehow get a Mask from it.


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Use the Pen Tool and trace out your model. Look at this video for some assistance. Hi Chris.. You can also take a look at this tutorial. It's another way to make the saber stick to a 3d model.

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In this tutorial you can see how it also works on OBJ sequences. Thanks so much guys.. I'm going to check out the videos as soon as I get home! Nick Cifarelli. Goddamn it Andrew, you are a legend. Man you did it again. I would give my arm to have you teach me everything you know. Bless ya mate and keep em coming! When I export the saber, it doesn't render the glow : In the previews it's perfect, and playback shows it as having the glow, but everytime I export, it's just the basic 2d shape of the saber - no deep glow or anything that was shown in the preview. It's urgent. Just a note that only the "Full" quality on preview will give you an accurate representation of what the parameters will actually be; anything below will give a false impression of what it will export as.

So i've fixed it now, just had to change the preview to Full and readjust the settings completely. Auke Valk. Thanks for this amazing free plugin! Yes same, I am with ti with 4gb of ram and there is a lot of crashing! Yes, crash crash crash. Amazing plugin, really came at the right time. After using it for a while, whilst messing with settings AE simply disappears and i lose everything. Is this an issue anyone else is having. Without knowing what you are doing, but I can guess that you are trying to add the Saber effect directly to a Text Layer, you need to add it to a Layer and then select Text from the Saber UI Panel.

David Bixler. I'm having similar issues but due to processor overload. Well thanks a lot for this awesome plug-in and its all for free. Thanks bro. Please help me, I am having black installation window. Run the exe file and installation black window pops up. In pre-production for my short film, but this plug-in solved a question I've been asking myself for years when trying to create my logo intro.

Thanks again Andrew! David Gomez Anell. I really love your tutorials. I have been following a lot of them and I only can say a big thank you for all the work that you share with us and congratulations for being a master of these techniques. Awesome Plugin Is there a way to rotate a text layer in 3D space with this effect on it? It will not work for me at all. Answered my own question. You might try contacting the author "eslam amin" directly by sending him a message on his page. Andrew Kramer, you are a genius. You have inspired me to specialise my freelancing.

And admire your devotion. It is too good plug in. I think I Got a bug! Create ajustment layer with mask on it, and null to move ajustment layer, and effect dont moving by null but masks did. Firdaus Fajar Kurniawan. Keep up the good work Andrew! I'm waiting your other tutorials for using this plugin, it really helped me to create any "energy" things for sci-fi effects.

First of all, thank you so much Andrew and all Video Copilot team for this amazing tools! Feel free to share if you liked! Thanks for all the hard work VC team. Perfect for two subtle shots in needed. Hi, thank you so much for this awesome plugin. Hello Bart, thanks so much for your devotion to this project, the plugins are fantastic! I used it previously on CS6 and loved all the plugins. Any ideas? So close yet so far away…. I, like most who have asked this question, feel like a dum dum now.

Thanks so much for the quick reply! No problem. Glad you got them working. If you follow the installation instructions and put them to MediaCore folder, Premiere will see them and you will be able to use them. Thanks very much for your effort, these plugins look really handy. I pasted the. My OS is Windows 7 bit. Do you have any idea what might be the problem? Thanks again! Thanks again for your help. I really want to say thanks guys for helping me out with these free plug-ins. Keep up the great work and helping out us fellow aspiring filmmakers. I had absolutely no issues adding them to my effects folder; I simply clicked and dragged them — just as easy as that.

On a p timeline, using 4K media from the GH4, if I apply the Feathered Crop plugin, it blacks out the entire frame. Applying it to p footage on the same timeline from the GH2 still works as expected. As a workaround, the Simple Mask plugin accomplishes the same tasks for me, but the Feathered Crop tool was faster to use in my case. Any chance you could share with me the media in question? Also, in CC you can try applying the default mask to the opacity effect, this will work the same as the Simple Mask, and will be GPU accelerated. The plugin comes without an installer.

I just added your plugins thanks for it. Wow very cool effects. The vignette alone will same me so much time. Thanks A LOT. I doubt you will find any, since the text field is not available in the SDK. Unless you choose to update to CC, where you can use Motion Graphics panel and templates. In my book it is dedinitely worth the price. Pingback: mmmedianews. Hi Bart, thank you so much for these plugins! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading Darko says:. Max says:. Strypes says:.

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Blur and saturation controls on the vignette plugin would be great! BartW says:. Ronnie says:. Jim Watt says:. Thx…Jim Watt jwatt bennett-watt. Hi Jim, Try downloading the file again. Peter says:. Errol John Manalo Babao says:. All I get on my mac is a simple. William Mah says:. William M says:. Christiaan says:.