Wii iso to usb mac

Useful Searches. Apr 21, Noob asking for lots of help. I'm trying to do this for my girlfriend's children, whose father recently died.

Help with setting up Wii iso's on USB HDD using iMac/Witgui

Anyway I'm rambling. I just want them to be able to play Wii iso's on this "soft modded" Wii v4. I need help. It's gb. How much should be FAT32? How much should be OSX Extended? If yes which?


If yes to what size? I have the files but the only instructionalvideos Ive found are for PC not iMac.

how to put wii games onto a usb or hard drive

I know I am forgetting alot of info so if anyone has the time to help out I will answer any questions to try to get this working. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Play GameCube Games On Your Wii U With Nintendont

Jun 15, Last edited by jeannotte , Apr 21, Jul 28, Is there a witgui for windows? Mar 2, Maybe you might have it already from mobile phone or a camera. Get it from Amazon.

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I recommed imElfin DVD creator. Get a blank DVD disc from Amazon. Download and install imElfin DVD creator for free. We need Wii Unlocking software to softmod your Wii. Once you download the software and transfer it to SD card. Get Wii Unlocking software from www. And then transfer unziped files to the root of the SD card.

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The onscreen instructions will show us to install dvdx and the Homebrew Channel. All we do are to install an application to the homebrew channel. Here are all lists of Homebrew applications.

go site Just follow the on-screen instructions and then the Wii console will reboot automatically. Once the game is finishing copying, it will show in the USB loader. And then press 1 from the Wiimote to select the Cover download menu and download cover art as you want.

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Now we can copy and play Wii games as what we want. Here are some torrent Wii games for us to download.

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All we need is to download and install the uTorrent software.