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If you still have the original packaging for your Mac Pro, you can find the serial number on a barcode label on the box.

List All Network Hardware MAC Addresses in Mac OS X

In Apple part numbers, the "xx" before the slash are variables that differ by country or region. The serial number, model number, and configuration details of your Mac Pro might also appear on its receipt or invoice. Mac Pro Late Mac Pro Mid Mac Pro Server Mid Mac Pro Early Identify your Mac Pro Learn how to find the serial number and other information that can help you identify your Mac Pro.

Locate your serial number, model identifier, and part number You can find the serial number and other identifiers for your Mac Pro in macOS, on the computer's surface, and on its packaging. On the surface of your Mac Pro Shut down your Mac Pro and unplug any connected cables so you can safely move it.

On the original product packaging or receipt If you still have the original packaging for your Mac Pro, you can find the serial number on a barcode label on the box.

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Mac Pro models Click on each model for technical specifications. This will require a 66 MB download followed by a restart, so wait for this to complete. Leave the Regional format option set to match phone language. For the final time, restart your phone. When Windows Phone 8. Getting started with Cortana means a small amount of training and configuration.

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The tool will ask you for your name, which you must enter by text — you can then confirm whether or not Cortana is pronouncing it correctly. With Cortana up and running, you can begin to utter voice commands, instructing your Windows Phone 8. Explore more about: Windows Phone , Windows Phone 8.

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Please someone help me. Just installed the developers preview update for WinPhone 8. However, under settings for Cortana, it does not give me the option to start the app. If I change the regional settings to US, the app store will stop working. The WindowsPhone site says that Cortana works in Beta when this update is installed. Can anyone recommend a fix to this? Your only option there is to switch between regional settings depending upon what you want to do. Got bush windows phone claiming already has installation of Cortana in UK nothing is showing , tried this fix still not showing :.

Worked for me here in New Zealand, thanks.

How to find MAC Address on Windows 8.1

I just followed your instructions to the letter. Only problem is that changing region back to NZ loses Cortana. I Don't see the music icon on cortana.. It was the same when I had 8.

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I have Siri and it is set to a British male voice that sounds like Stuart Varney. What I truly want, is Siri to be voiced by John Malkovich. And it would be snarky. Just installed 8. Its working here in Nigeria very well. Hi, I've upgrade to wp 8.

But it didn't come with Cortana its still showing bing! Please I need your help on how to get Cortana working in my phone Chris It's not working in India. Sujeet can you tell the process how you enabled cortana? Cortana works in Georgia, Thank u. For the best results, leave in US mode. From what I understand this changes from device to device, so if you're enjoying Cortana leave your settings as they are where possible and wait for the full rollout. Having got Cortana installed, can you then reset the regional settings back or do they have to stay set to the US? I have recently purchased a Windows phone and am looking forward to this update having used other mobile assistants before.

I am from India and I updated my settings as mentioned.. It's working