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These features have seen Java used in numerous programs, including Adobe's Creative Suite and other professional and scientific applications like Matlab. Even if Java is not used in the entire program, by using it in common components a developer can make porting the application to different platforms much easier.

How to create a macOS installer for a Java application (.jar)

Problems with runtimes While runtimes such as Java offer support of new programming languages and thereby allow increased functionality to your system, they do open up more possibilities for security breaches. Code running in them will need to be isolated with sandboxing routines and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access to private or critical resources, but these measures will have to be implemented within each runtime and then tested to ensure that they cannot be breached. If a security hole is discovered, then the runtime will need to be updated to correct the problem.

With regard to Java, the runtime for Windows has been given more attention than that for OS X, so when security holes are discovered, it takes longer for the OS X version to be patched and therefore provides a better window of opportunity for malware developers to tackle it. With its latest variant, the Flashback malware has taken advantage of this window and is now targeting the unpatched Java runtime for the Mac OS.

In this case the vulnerability allows the malware to break the Java sandbox rules and write code to the disk, followed by executing it. None of the operating system's features need Java to run, and it's components are only present in the OS to support the runtime if you choose to install it for your needs.

How to: Fix Java Command-Line Tool Pop-Up on Mac OS

Starting with OS X When such a program is launched, you will first be prompted to install the Java runtime but if you choose not to, then the program will quit. As a result, if you have not purposefully taken steps to install Java on a new system, then it will not have a Java runtime and therefore will not be vulnerable to these latest malware attacks; however, if you are unsure whether you have Java installed, there are a couple of ways to check.

How To Compile And Run Java Programs Using Terminal

Disabling Java If you do have Java installed on your system and would like to disable it, you can easily do so in the Java Preferences utility. When you open the utility you will be presented with a list of the Java runtimes installed on your system, and a check box next to each. By unchecking the runtimes you will prevent them from being used, and unchecking all will disable Java entirely.

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Once disabled, if you have a program on your computer that requires Java, then the program will simply not run until you enable it again. Therefore, while disabling Java does require an extra step when you want to run Java applications, it does put the control in your hands over what Java programs are allowed to run. Uninstalling Java Unfortunately there is no direct or easy way to uninstall Java, so once installed the only way to remove it and all of its components completely is to reinstall OS X; however, you can remove the Java virtual machine the runtime from your system and thereby perform a similar routine as an uninstall.

Additionally, empty the contents of the following directories on the system which link to the runtimes in the framework:. Click Custom level button at bottom. The Security settings dialog box will pop up.

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Hit Refresh. Internet Explorer 5. The Security Settings dialog box will pop up. Select Preferences from the Explorer menu.

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Click the arrow next to Web Browser. Click Web Content. Under Active Content check Enable Scripting. Click OK.

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Click Refresh. Select Preferences from the Edit menu. Internet Explorer 4. X Select Internet Options from the View menu. Click Custom. Click Settings. Scroll down to locate Scripting.

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Click Enable for Active Scripting. Click Reload.

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Internet Explorer 3. X Select Options from the View menu.

click here Click Security. Check Enable Java Programs.