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Mouse without Borders was created by Truong Do, is completely free and is able to control up to four computers from one mouse and keyboard. The easy way to set up everything is through the wizard. This opens a window with the computer name and a security code. Press Link to connect the computers.

Specific computers can be enabled or disabled using the checkboxes in the main window. Drag the computers left or right so you can move the mouse off the left or right edge of the desktop. Check the Two Row box for a 2D layout where up to four computers will make a square grid. For instance, the bottom left computer in the grid will be able to move the mouse up or to the right onto other desktops. Mouse Without Borders supports drag and drop and clipboard functions but both have limitations. You cannot transfer folders, only files, so a folder will have to be archived before sending.

Also, only one file can be transferred at a time. They include editing keyboard shortcuts, wrapping the mouse, blocking the screen corners, blocking screensaver, sharing the clipboard and disabling Easy Mouse. The IP Mappings tab can help if the program has trouble finding other computers on the network.

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Download Mouse without Borders. I wanted it to connect one master Windows box with a few Centos and Ubuntu boxes as slaves. The package came with ZERO instructions. I finally found something resembling instructions buried deeply in the troubleshooting section. It only covered Windows. I filed a ticket asking for instructions for connecting Linux boxes. Tech support pointed me to a 3rd party site that described connection with Ubuntu.

The site expressly did not cover SSH. Tech support could not come up with Centos instructions. Tech Support could not provide instructions on what ports are used etc. Any solution? My clipboard is shared, and also works from phones. I use iPhone. Can all of them support multiple monitors? I have one laptop set up with two external screens and then 1 tower with one monitor and one desktop with 1 monitor.

Synergy is a bit of a confusing mess these days, paid versions, free versions you compile yourself, old free versions and etc. No additional software installations required.

Mouse and Keyboard Sharing

Tools 2 and 4 are free so are worth trying first. Any USB device could be share between devices. Save at least one USB port. You usually connect a keyboard and a mouse for example using one port for each device. No network is required. Easy to use. No installation is required. Proximity required. VNC alternavite recomended 2.

Only 2 masters. Most of theese devices has got only a couple of master ports one for each computer. But you can add another HW device.

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You created the most pointless review by comparing peas with ears. Share mouse is not a VNC or remote desktop app and never tried to be. It is pointless. The two share the same wifi though are not connected anyway by networking Homegroup. Mouse without borders is the usual bad apple product from bad apples maker Microsoft…. I found Mouse Without Borders to be reliable up to a point, it would sometimes moan about DNS and move the pointer on both screens at once, meaning a manual reconnect each time.

This comparison needs an update. Just to add some comments: I have a Ubuntu desktop and a Windows 10 laptop, and I wanted to be able to only use the keyboard and mouse of the desktop to work on both machines. It took a while. I was about to pay up, but I found a better alternative: VNC. On the Ubuntu side: Installed x2vnc. You can still download version 1. This is the last freeware version. It is hard to find but synergy still has an open source branch that can be found here: sourceforge. Does Mouse without Borders allow you to use two computers but only a single monitor, and switch between them?

So, two computers, one mouse, one keyboard and one monitor? All of the videos I have seen about this product show at least two monitors in use. Yes you can do this, HAL is wrong. I came looking for software KVMs as the input selection on my Dell UHM is dire — requiring several button presses to swap monitor, gets old very quickly flipping back and forth. I mainly get around this using teamviewer and logmein pro but sometimes the simplicity of actually being on the target computer is helpful. Well, if you have a dedicated monitor on that Dell you can install one of these options and it will remove the need to switch monitors.

Unless you have a reason to include another entire step…. I guess you can get a dedicated KVM device from a computer store, it will do the required job perfectly. The problem is that I am trying to seamlessly increase the power of by desktop using cluster technology; the solution I keep getting directed to is this one. I switched to ID from Synergy a couple of years ago because Synergy locked up when I was zoning an Everquest character.

Lately, the mouse on the slave computer was jumping around as if there were interference. I tried reinstalling Synergy. I will try Mouse Without Boarders now. Mouse Without Borders is certainly not perfect but proving far more reliable. A KVM switch does not need computers to be inter-connected over a network. Good article, thanks for sharing this info. Yet most KVM switches will not pass through advanced devices since they try to software emulate keyboard and mice. From what I can tell the main difference between Input Director and Synergy is that ID is for the Windows line of operating systems and free for noncommercial use, while Synergy is an open source program supporting several different graphical interfaces.

Thus ID seems to be a good choice for a homeuser who has several Windows machines, but for a corporate environment or when different OSes are present like a main PC running Windows and a secondary Linux machine mainly used as server then Synergy is preferred. Great old program and good to use on a private network, that I can tell.

Thanks Raymond…Best advices ,tools from Best site and from Best person. Hats off for every tool and trick u provide. I was about to download synergy after reading some article in Lifehacker but now i think i would try Input Director. I sure like this program Raymond. This would be VERY handy on a network! Bertel Schmitt 4 months ago. Conor 4 months ago. Jamie Horton 6 months ago. Julie 7 months ago. Stephen Baker 8 months ago. HAL Admin 8 months ago. Rob 8 months ago. Werner 1 year ago.

HAL Admin 1 year ago. Learn how your comment data is processed. I need help to install Barrier in Linux. Could you give me some help, some manual or blog instructions. Thanks in advance.

Customize the Settings

It looks like you have to built it from source, unfortunately. Thanks for your help. But not work, some steps give errors git clone git … and not reach to create barrier directory. In order for the command to work as is you would have to configure a SSH key in your github account. If you want to avoid this step just do:.

It should be available for you as a regular application now. I just did this with elementary os 5 ubuntu Getting Mac, Windows, and Xubuntu all to talk to each other is a bit tricky. Humberto there is a. I thought I had a. So that it runs on startup before logging in? I have Ubuntu and Windows 10 side by side yet Barrier never connects. Neither did synergy. I am so close to giving up on this idea of a working software kvm. Could you share the last few lines of the log from when you attempt to connect?

It could reveal the problem. Hello Rauchmann, thanks for replying to my comment. After posting that comment, and a few more hours trying to get Barrier to work I gave up. However, this time it just worked. Not sure if it was how old my last PC was or what, but it worked perfectly this time around. So then I decided to install Synergy 1. So, now that I have Synergy working, and have uninstalled Barrier, I am wondering if you still would like me to try getting Barrier working or not?

I am willing to go further if it helps someone understand the problem. But for now I have it working mostly. So, I have to remove the logitech wireless dongle from my new PC and place it on my Ubuntu machine just to hit the OK button, then move it back to my main PC server and go from there. After hitting that OK button synergy then immediately starts and all functions OK. I still have Barrier installed on the Ubuntu machine because I could not figure out how to uninstall it. Just wanted to say I gave Barrier another chance. Also decided to install a fresh Mint Spent hours but Barrier is clearly broken, even after getting around the first issue the second issue is that the cursor completely disappears once it changes screens.

Barrier is about as broken as it can get on Ubuntu, not one but two fresh installs. I went back to Synergy a second time today and it just works instantly. Thanks again, but no need to bother with my previous requests but I highly thank you for your guide and the help your giving to users who comment here.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Program Details

That is good news. I am trying to get Barrier work between macOS and Windows. Unfortunately without success. Error log on the server says: I used to use Mouse without Borders and uninstalled it and restarted the PC. Does anyone have successfully running it between macOS and Windows?

Does It Work with Yosemite?

Has anyone been able to resolve any of those error messages? If these names do not match up properly, you will not be able to connect. HI, neat alternative but i have a problem its hard to connect between computers both running W10 this could be because i was running Synergy? That may cause an issue if Synergy is still installed.

Synergy allows you to seamlessly share mouse and keyboard between computers • Pureinfotech

If you uninstall it, can they connect to one another? Hi, no, i have uninstalled it and cleaned the registry with Ccleaner and Glary and rebooted the system and also removed entries in W10 firewall. Try allowing both barrier and barriers to communicate through the firewall on both systems.

Ensure that both public and private are enabled, as this seems to have an effect. You can reenable the firewall after the connection is made and it should stay active. Once it fails, or after a few seconds, stop Barrier. Hopefully, the log will reveal what is preventing them from connecting.

go here My host is a regular Win10 PC. I need help, i bought and downloaded synergy on my win 10 machine, after this i tried to install it on my Raspberry Pi 4 [running a Debian based OS on it]. I changed the SSH key on my pi a while ago. After hous of testing tried to use Barrier and it still doesent connect to each other. Apologies Manuel, did you ever fix your issue? I am using Windows 10 as server while macbook pro as client.

I want to know how to press the cmd key of macbook from my windows machine. I am trying to copy some text from windows machine and paste it in mac and vice-versa.