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Mozilla Thunderbird Alternatives & Reviews

Comments on Thunderbird. Pros of Thunderbird. Easy setup.

Thunderbird Hangs on Mac: How to stop Mozilla Thunderbird Email from jamming and freezing

Does not require users to know advanced terminology for e-mail settings. All it asks for are your name, e-mail address and password to add an e-mail account.

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Ability to create a personalized e-mail address. Strong open-source community support and troubleshooting. Highly customizable in appearance. Powerful anti-spam and phishing filters. Cons of Thunderbird. Occasional spotty support and updates. At one point Mozilla stopped supporting the program, though they changed their minds and the Thunderbird 59 beta was released in February of However, this uncertainty increases the likelihood of the program either being changed substantially by another developer or discontinued in the future.

No major new feature updates in several years. No compatibility with Microsoft Outlook. The program can experience noticeable lag. Features of Thunderbird. A completely free e-mail application. Tabbed e-mail to make switching between and viewing multiple messages easier. All you need to do is click on the star in a message and the sender will automatically be added as a contact.

A mail account startup wizard that makes setting up the program and using it from the beginning easy.

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Security features such as automatically blocking remote images in e-mails, protection from phishing, automated updates and powerful junk mail filters. Thunderbird Reviews. Thunderbird is a powerful e-mail client and an excellent alternative to paid, premium products.

It has many of the same features as its counterparts for the best price - free. Thunderbird has not had substantial new features added in several years. However, the program retains key features. These include smart folders, tabbed e-mail, powerful search tools and a simple e-mail setup wizard. It also enables a number of add-ons that add additional functions, such as a calendar, to Thunderbird. Like Gmail and Outlook, it searches for words like "attachment" and reminds you to attach a file if you forgot to do so.

The Best Email Client App for Mac in Unbiased Reviews

It is open source and entirely free. Because it is open source, there is a large support community that can help users who are having issues. The interface itself is a little dated, but perfectly serviceable and highly customizable. The largest downside to Thunderbird is Mozilla's wavering support of the project.

The non-profit has made it clear that they would prefer to stop supporting Thunderbird in order to devote more resources to Firefox.

While Mozilla has said they will keep Thunderbird and a new beta was just launched in early , their wavering support of the program is a worrying sign for users looking to adopt Thunderbird, especially businesses hoping to integrate it into their operations. Even if support from current developer Mozilla does cease, other developers have expressed interest in picking it up.

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If that happens, however, it's very possible the program could see substantial changes or a drop in quality. In short, Thunderbird's future is unknown. Aside from that unfortunate reality, Thunderbird is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Outlook. It is also an excellent option for anyone with multiple e-mail accounts from multiple hosts to manage their e-mail all in one place.

An excellent piece of software. It is stable and i never lost a single email. I've been using this for over 10 years now and never fell the need to move to another mail program for offline mail. Feel free to submit your own opinion on Thunderbird!

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Leave multiple emails open and you can switch between them as easily as you switch between tabs on your browser and equally run the risk of hitting open tab overload. Thunderbird has even teamed up with third-party providers to supply personalized email addresses. Just choose an address, such as firstname lastname.

A host of add-ons and themes add a bunch of extra features, including calendars, encryption, and contact tools. For a free email client, Thunderbird certainly has a great deal to recommend it. But the popularity of the software has waned over the last few years. Although Mozilla has continued to roll out security updates and ideas from Firefox, Thunderbird has received no major update since It has everything to do with the fact that the software is a desktop tool in a world that has now been mobile for some time.

And while businesses still need a comprehensive and secure email client for their office work, that need is now largely met by enterprise software solutions that bundle in calendar and other functions. Worked great until recently. Now I find my answered emails with 2 question marks at the end of each sentence. If the sentence is less than 3 words it has no question marks. I correspond with elderly people and this is beginning to cause confusion. Your email address will not be published.

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